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Tugas 2 Materi , Rumus , dan soal

Tugas Materi , Rumus , dan soal
Nama : Bayu Hidayatulloh
Npm : 11208365
Kelas : 4EA12
Matkul : B. Inggris bisnis 2 (Softskill)

1.Nominal Tak Terhitung

Sebagaimana yang telah saya jelaskan dalam tulisan yang lalu, bahwa Nominal bukan kalimat yang digunakan dengan disertainya verb. Dalam artian hanya selain verb yang bisa membangun kalimat tersebut.
Mengapa saya menyamakan kalimat ini dengan Present? Jawabannya, karena menurut saya rumusnya tercipta dari rumus Present dalam kalimat Verbal.
Anda bisa lihat rumus nominal:
Kata yang bergaris bawah berasal dari kata (to) be (yaitu, merupakan verb satu dari Irregular Verb)
Dan coba hubungkan dengan Present!
S + VI …
Rumus ini saling berkaitan, yaitu ditandainya dengan yang bercetak tebal miring.
Dari kedua rumus di atas, bisa di contohkan dengan penggunaan TOBE:
Present Nominal
I BE I am A student


Gerund adalah kata benda yang berasal dari kata kerja ditambah –ing, misalnya swimming, eating, fishing, shopping, dancing, dan singing. Bila diperhatikan, gerund mempunyai bentuk yang sama dengan present participle, bedanya gerund berfungsi sebagai kata benda, sedangkan present participle sebagai kata sifat yang menerangkan kata benda.

Dalam kalimat, gerund berfungsi sebagai:
a. subjek (subject)
b. pelengkap subjek (subjective complement)
c. objek langsung (direct object)
d. objek preposisi (object of preposition)
e. aposisi (appositive)

3.Either as subject

Either artinya salah satu (diantara 2)
neither (not either) artinya tidak satupun (diantara 2)

1. penggunaan either/neither tanpa Or/Nor
Rumus : Either/Neither + singular subject + singular verb

2. Penggunaan Either…or dan Neither…nor

Either/Neither + noun + or/nor + plural noun + plural verb
Either/Neither + noun + or/nor + singular noun + singular verb

4.Pronoun as subject
A subjective pronoun acts as the subject of a sentence—it performs the action of the verb. The subjective pronouns are he, I, it, she, they, we, and you.
He spends ages looking out the window.
After lunch, she and I went to the planetarium.

5.Possesive Adjective

Possessive Adjective (Kata Ganti sebagai Milik)
Pronoun sebagai Possessive Adjecive diletakkan didepan Noun (Kata Benda) untuk menunjukkan kepemilikan.
I MY My name
YOU YOUR Your name
THEY THEIR Their name
WE OUR Our name
HE HIS His name
SHE HER Her name
IT ITS Its name
• Untuk menunjukkan milik tidak menggunakan kata ganti (pronoun) tetapi menggunakan nama atau kata benda, digunakan apostrophe (tanda ‘) ditambah s dibelakang nama atau kata benda tersebut.
• Tetapi jika berakhiran dengan huruf desis (seperti “s” atau “z”) cukup ditambah dengan tanda apostrophe (tanda ‘) saja.
• Budi’s house (Rumah budi)
• Rini’s house
• My aunt’s car
• My sister’s friend
• Sulis’ cat

6.Too and Soo

so, too mempunyai pengertian juga, di gunakan untuk penggabungan kalimat positif dan kalimat positif
rumus : and so+ aux+subjek
and subjek + aux +too
contoh:1. she is verry tall
2. he is verry tall
- she is verry tall and so is he
- she is verry t all and she is too

Question tag
A, pengertian
Question tag merupakan pertanyaan tumpangan.tipe-tipe question tag antara lain adalah
1.question tag dengan to be
• She is not shinta, is she?
• She was in your house, wasn’t she?
Subjek auxiliary
I Am,was
We, you, they, the teacher, the student Are, were
He, she, it, herry,the teacher,the student Is, was

Contoh Latihan soal :

1.all the way make us tired.
a. Walk
b. Walking
c. We walk
d. We have walked
e. By walking

2. I don’t like ____ to another school
a. Mira moves
b. Mira she’s moving
c. Mora move
d. Mira’s moving
e. The moving of mira

3. I’m sorry for ____to move to another school
a. Doing
b. Making
c. Causing
d. Creating
e. Developing

4. Little children are usually afraid of___ by their mother
a. Left
b. To left
c. Being left
d. Leaving
e. Been left

5. My brother has been away from home for years without ever ______to us
a. To write
b. To be written
c. Have written
d. Writing
e. Written

6. Before ____his essay he read books on the subject
a. He writes
b. He has written
c. Writing
d. He has written
e. I am writing

7. My parent are happy about ____ the prize in the essay contest
a. My winning
b. I win
c. Me winning
d. That I win
e. I am winning

8. After ____ his pass, he has allowed to enter the building
a. Shown
b. Have shown
c. Showed
d. Showing
e. To show

9. Although dino has denied ____ the money, they are still suspecting him
a. Stolen
b. Steal
c. To steal
d. Stealing
e. Have stolen

10. The man sitting next to ratu said, “do you mind______?”
a. Smoking
b. Smoke
c. To smoke
d. My smoking
e. Be smoking

11. He must avoid____ too hard because of his poor health
a. Be working
b. In working
c. Work
d. Working
e. To be working

12. Would you mind_____ so loud?
a. To talk
b. To not talking
c. Not talking
d. You not talk
e. Not to talk.

13. Please excuse me______ you
a. To interrupt
b. Interrupt
c. Interrupting
d. Interrupted
e. For interrupting

14. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment he confessed _______
a. Steal the jewels
b. When stealing the jewels
c. He stole the jewels
d. To having stolen the jewels
e. To be stealing the jewels

15. I ____ to his behaving so rudely to ward his sister
a. Object
b. Dislike
c. Disagree
d. Complain
e. Regret

16. I am looking forward to _____ a salary raise next month
a. Get
b. Be getting
c. Getting
d. Have got
e. Got

17. Have you considered _____ to an apartment closer to your office?
a. Move
b. To move
c. Moved
d. Moving
e. To be moving

18. It’s hot in here. The air condition is not working’.
I think it only needs___________.”
a. To clean
b. Cleaning
c. Cleaned
d. Clean
e. Be cleaned

19. In her letter my friend said that she was looking forward _________ from me again.
a. To hearing
b. To hear
c. Hearing
d. Having heard
e. Dance

20. What does this song remind you of?
_____ with my first date.
a. Io dance
b. To dance
c. Dancing
d. To be dancing
e. Dance

Answer the correct form of the pronoun or possessive adjective in the following sentences.
Note : the Bold text is a correct answer.
21.I go to school with (he/him) everyday
22.I see (she/her/herself) at the Union every Friday.
23.She speaks to (we/us/ourselves) every morning.
24.Isn’t (she/her) a nice person ?.
25.(He/Him) is going to New York on vacation.
26.(She/Her) and John gave the money to the boy.
27.(Yours/Your) record is scratched and (my/mine) is too.
28.I hurt (my/mine/the) leg.
29.John bought (himself/herself/hisself) a new coat.
30.(We/Us) girs are going camping over the weekend.
31.Mr. Jones cut (hisself/himself) shaving.
32.We like (our/ours) new car very much.
33.The dog bit (she/her) on the leg.
34.John (he/himself) went to the meeting.
35.You’ll stick (you/your/yourself) with the pins if you are not careful.
36.Marry and (I/me) would rather go to the movies.
37.Everyone has to do (their/his) own research.
38.Just beetwen you and (I/me), I don’t like this food.
39.Monday is a holiday for (we/us) teacher.
40.(Her/Hers) car does not go as fast as (our/ours).

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